An SEO Company in Plano, TX

We are an SEO company in Plano, TX whose goal is to work with businesses of all types to help them reach their internet marketing goals. We understand that you have many options when it comes to choosing an SEO company to provide the services you need and maybe you have worked with a company in the past with mixed or less than glowing results. Selecting the right SEO company to help you increase the traffic to your website is an important decision because these days, every company’s marketing budget is tight.

Before you choose a company for your SEO optimization, consider these factors that sets Make Top 10 apart from the others.

An SEO Professional

Because we are confident in what we do, we are one of the only SEO companies that offers a money back guarantee. If we don’t get your website in the top 10 search results within 90 days targeting multiple keywords, we give your money back! It’s a no-lose offer to you and a guarantee that we will work hard to guarantee the results we promise. We believe that our money back guarantee is what sets us apart as an SEO professional.

An SEO Expert

We call ourselves an SEO expert based on our 20 years of success. After optimizing over 40,000 websites and getting them top 10 placement on all the major search engines, we’ve learned what it takes to optimize a site that is relevant to Google’s search criteria. If you want your site to rank on the coveted first page, you need an SEO expert that knows what it takes to get you there. We are the company that can do that.

An SEO Consultant

Every business is unique and it is our goal to work closely with our clients to ensure we address needs specific to your industry. You need an SEO consultant who will partner with you in the process to achieve your goals. We know the right questions to ask, the research that needs to be done and we work hard to instill confidence that you will get the results to help grow your business. When the optimization is complete, we don’t walk away and leave the rest to you. We stay in touch to answer your questions, monitor your site and promise you that as long as we remain partners we will keep your site in compliance with the major search engines criteria. That’s the value we bring to your company as an SEO consultant.

An SEO Test

At Make Top 10, we have developed our own proprietary software to perform an SEO test on your site to ensure the coding—all the technical stuff—properly communicates to the search engines to bring your site to that first page. We share the results of the SEO test with you so you can see all we are doing to effectively optimize your site.

If you would like to set up an initial consultation to discuss the goals for your site and how we can get your site on Google’s top 10 list, contact us at: