Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Must be in Google’s Top 10 Results

This is no news flash: we have become a “search-oriented culture.” Studies show that between 80 to 90 percent of all purchasing decisions begin with an online search. If like most businesses you hope to acquire new customers through your website, here are ten reasons why you must be in the top ten search results on Google or the other search engines.

1. In real estate the motto is “Location, location, location.” In the online world it is, “ranking, ranking, ranking.” More than 90% of all internet traffic goes to websites who rank in the top 10 search results. Think about your own search habits, how often to you check the second page results, much less the third and beyond?

2. If your competitors make it to the first page and you don’t, guess who gets all the potential customers? Even if your service or products are superior, the prize goes to the ones on the first page.

3. The further your site ranks down the list, the less relevant it is to Google’s criteria for a quality website. You may have a beautifully designed site but if it is technically irrelevant to Google or the other search engines, it’s not considered as valuable compared to those that make it to the top ten list.

4. Landing in the top ten means you have connected all the elements to match their search terms. Failure to make the top ten list is most often a combination of bad coding and poorly written content which doesn’t align with the terms people use to find what they need.

5. Being on the first page tells potential customers that your site is popular, important and better than the competition. All those characteristics could be true of your business compared to your competitors but in their minds, the rankings speak for themselves.

6. Part of building a brand is name recognition. Showing up consistently on the first page builds identity and familiarity for your business. When customers recognize your business domain name, they search specifically for you because now they know your brand.

7. Customers who find websites through natural, organic searches rather than paid advertisements, will stay on your site longer than those who bought their way to the first page. The longer customers stay on your site, the more likely they are to buy your services or products.

8. A website that is effectively optimized to get your site consistent top 10 ranking targeting multiple keywords, saves you thousands of dollars in advertising fees and is arguably the most cost effective means to gain new customers.

9. When your site ranks in the top ten, customers assume you have something that matches their search terms and will click on your website. This creates a warm lead for an engaging conversation in how your business can help meet their needs.

10. Consistently ranking in the top ten 24/7 rather than relying on an advertising budget that may run out before the end of the month will keep a steady stream of traffic to your site providing you will new opportunities for business.

Run your own test. In a private window, try several search terms that customers might use to find your services to see how you rank. Don’t cheat and type in your domain name unless it is one of the terms people might use. If you don’t show up on the first page after several different searches, your site needs help.

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