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It’s a simple fact—all businesses begin with a product or service offered to a customer. Our Plano SEO marketing services begin with that premise and use our skills and expertise to ensure that customers looking for products and services find you above your competition. Many people ask this question: what is SEO marketing? That question is best answered by referring to the essential elements of a business

A service customers want

When people have a problem to be solved or a product they want to purchase, between 80 to 90% of them will start with an internet search. Our SEO marketing services in Plano TX understand the importance of this statistic and work with our clients to get them ranked on the first page for multiple keyword searches, which is probably the best SEO marketing definition. We guarantee that we can achieve the goal of getting your site ranked on the first page or we refund your money. For 20 years we have been 100% successful in accomplishing this goal with thousands of companies just like yours. If you have a service or product that customers want, we can help get your site in front of these people so they will buy from you.

A service customers need

In some cases, wants turn into needs and increase the motivation people have for finding a company like yours. For example, if you provide emergency services, people will desperately turn to an internet search to find someone who can meet that urgent need. To capture these needy customers, you need the help of our SEO marketing services in Plano TX to connect your business to these people willing to pay for your services. The key is to have the right pages with uniquely written content that corresponds to the terms people use in their search. What is SEO marketing, it’s marketing that knows how to take advantage of these potential customers looking to meet an important need.

A service customers compare

Customers what to know they are getting the best service at the best price so, like most informed consumers, they compare what companies offer. However, if your company does not show up until the second or third page of a search, they won’t be able to consider your services against your competitors. Many people don’t realize that 92% of all people conducting a search never leave the first page. The SEO marketing services in Plano TX can help you move up in the rankings so your company has a fair chance of being considered in their purchasing decisions. Not only that, we can get your site placed organically on that first page rather than rely on placement from a pay-per-click ad. It is also an established fact that 80% of people conducting a search click on the organic results rather than those paid ads.

Contact us for our Plano SEO marketing services to acquire the assistance of our SEO experts. We can connect your company with customers to satisfy their wants and needs and ensure they see your superiority over your competitors when they compare services.

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