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It is a well-known fact that first impressions are lasting impressions. Therefore, it is imperative that your first impression is positive and invites engagement. Your website is often the first impression a potential customer forms about your company. Let the SEO experts at Make Top 10, your Irving SEO marketing services, help you establish that positive impression you need to grow your business.

First, rank high on the list

When you conduct any type of search on the internet, the search engines provide for you a list of results they consider to be the most relevant and important for the terms you used. If your company ranks on that first page, that is the first step in formulating a positive first impression. Without that first page ranking, no impression is made because 92% of people searching never leave that first page. Our SEO marketing services in Irving TX guarantee that we can get your company ranked on the first page for multiple keyword searches within 90 days or we give your money back.

Emphasize incentives or discounts

Our Irving SEO marketing services takes all the positive incentives, discounts or guarantees you offer and leverages them in the most effective way so customers will take advantage of your superior service and offerings. This is part of how the question, “What is SEO marketing?”, answered. We make sure that the pages we build and the content we write for you positions all these premiums in such a way that customers will see them which will shape their impression of your company in a positive way. This is truly the SEO marketing definition.

Highlighting testimonials

Many companies list pages of previous customer testimonials to project a positive image. These testimonials are important but they need to be positioned in the right places to attract the most attention and render the most value. At the Irving SEO marketing services, we know how to best leverage these positive affirmations to encourage more customers to contact you for business.

The SEO marketing services in Irving TX is ready to work with you to ensure that positive first impressions are formed with potential customers find your website through the search process. Contact us today for a free website assessment.

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