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Competition in most industries have become quite intense. Your industry is no exception. In light of this competition, the challenging question is this: How do I get customers to choose my services over my competitors? At Make Top 10, our McKinney SEO marketing services can help you answer that all-important question.

Standing out from all the options

Take a moment to conduct a simple “Google” search on the internet for the services you offer. Use broad terms similar to ones people would use and don’t include the name of your company. A quick glance at the results at the top of the page will give you an idea of the pages competing for attention. The first most important step is to be ranked on the first page of that Google search. Our McKinney SEO marketing services offers a money–back guarantee if we don’t get your company ranked on the first page for multiple keyword searches within 90 days. If you don’t show up on the first page organically (listed below the paid ads), 92% of the people searching will never find you because that’s how many people never leave the first page. You have to rank on the first page to stand out from all the other options.

We use language consistent with customers’ search terms

This is a subtle, important fact: if the content on your site doesn’t match the terms customers use when searching for goods or services, they will never find you. The terms they use may not be the best terms or accurate by industry standards, our Allen SEO marketing services has extensive experience in researching the terms used and working with you to make sure there is a positive match. This highlights the importance of professionally written content to attract paying customers to your company.

Create two-way communication through your website

Ultimately, your goal is to establish dialog with customers visiting your site. By providing unique content for your landing pages and leading customers from one page to another, the Allen SEO marketing services we provide is skilled at moving customers to pick up the phone or contact you via email to begin an actual conversation. We review the content on your pages to improve and increase your customer interaction.

What is SEO marketing? It’s communicating with customers effectively through the pages of your website with a focus on growing your business.

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